August Schedule Check Online!

August is here, several instructors are traveling, going back to school, getting kids ready for school!  Please check the schedule and register online for classes, they will be changing during throughout the month.  Thank you!
Wednesday 6:30pm Step It Up & Barre Class will be a combo!!!

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30 Minute Power Series 6:00pm in July with Stephanie

Join Stephanie as she transforms your body in her 30 minute power workout series.  Tuesday lower body, Wednesday upper body and Thursday abs, Finish the week with Stephanie Saturday morning 10:00am Full Body Toning, class is 45 minutes,  Registration required

Cardio Combo Walking and Toning w/Kristy

Join us for a one mile walk through the neighborhood then back to the studio for a toning and cool down session, Bring your sunglasses!

Step It Up Class w/Robin

Step It Up Class w/Robin
Wednesday 6:30pm!!!  Space is limited registration required.

Step It Up w/Robin

The Step Class focuses on your legs and booty with simple movements.  High intensity yet low impact, improve your cooridination, while you sweat it out to great music!

Movement & Meditation w/Burnette

Don't let the title fool you!   This class begins with a full body toning session, amazing arm, core, and leg workout.
Finish the class by cooling down your body and calming your mind with Meditation.

Barre Workout w/Robin

Enjoy a Ballet barre inspired upbeat workout  with Robin, who has 3 National Ballet Instructor Certifications from Cechetti Counsel of America.  This class will have you working through ballet movements to great music, toning and sweating!!

Exercise & Stretch Class

This class starts with standing exercises then moving to the floor, we will use lite weights or bands for toning also.  Then finish the class with deep stretches and yoga cool down.

Cabaret Chair Workout Instructors traveling no classes in July will be back in August!

We have taken two of your favorite classes and combined them for the perfect full body toning workout. Your arms, abs, butt, and thighs will thank you for this intense, but low impact, body strength training class, sassed up with our cabaret chair sexy sweat fest, you'll never look at a chair the same way again! Ladies only class!
Traci -

Kristy -

Tabata Toning with Stephanie

Be ready to sweat, work and rock!  High Intensity full body  workout in 3 to 5 minute blocks, working your body at maximum capacity through your entire workout.  This class will have you in shape in 60 days!!!!
Towel, yoga mat and water.

Gentle Yoga with Missy

Receive the amazing benefits of Yoga without strenuous activity. Gentle Yoga is the balance to your active lifestyle.  The class focuses on rejuvenating and healing the body and mind.  Calming stretches, simple movements, extended relaxation and breath work.  You will leave feeling calm, clear and refreshed!

Pound Fitness with Kim

Get excited about POUND. This class fuses Pilates, isometric movements, plyometric and Yoga-based poses into a 30-45 min, fat burning cardio workout, incorporating all the benefits of drumming along with upbeat selected music tracks.
This class is great for everyone, do the moves that work for your level and ability!!

Pound Fitness Video!!!

Go to our home page and click on the You Tube Icon on the right side of the page.  Awesome video of a Pound Fitness workout!

Full Body Toning wth Kristy

Full Body,Butt & Gut Toning – High energy but low impact, intense toning and sculpting of your arms, upper body,butt, gut and legs. Crunches, leg lifts, mountain climbers, planks, light weights and bands for upper body, it is old school aerobics and exercises!
We may throw in paper plate exercises too!  Please bring a towel or mat for the floor work and small hand weights if you would like to use them.
Enjoy this class at your own personal level; we will show you how to keep your heart rate down and smaller moves for toning that fit your needs.

Cardio Tap with Kristy

Cardio Tap – Amazing cardio workout, while staying low impact. The class utilizes 5 to 6 basic tap steps (we go over at the beginning of each class) set to fun music of different genres. Perfect class for the beginning tapper to the advanced, if you want to have a different cardio workout this is the class for you! Don’t worry about tap shoes, come in light weight tennis shoes and enjoy the steps. Please bring a towel to wipe the sweat!

Cardio Lite Balance with Kristy

Cardio Lite Balance Class – During this class we take the steps at a much slower pace, working on balance, memory and cognitive skills. We also do warm up and cool down stretches that help to prepare everyone for daily living activities. Socializing and fun music make this class a must in your weekly routine.

Cardio Lite Balance Class

Cardio Lite Balance Class
Warm up stretches

We recommend that you have either a bottle or closed container of water with you in the studio for all classes.