It Really Is All About YOU!

Bar Cardio believes in clean, natural and safe products that is why the only system recommended here is Modere's  M3, designed for adults who are looking to make a healthy life choice and begin their weight management journey.  Because losing weight is based on the individual Kristy will meet with you, discuss your health, any issues, concerns, goals then together will create your personalized weight management system.
Please contact Kristy either by email or phone to set up your personal consultation and receive $10 off your product order.
(Bar Cardio does not keep an inventory)

**always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise or weight loss program

Kristy's Story

I am 52, post menopausal, thyroid has been removed, no hormone therapy,  4'8", eat right, exercise more than anyone should and I was gaining weight, my body did not look like this a year ago! How can that be? No metabolism that's how.
 M3 is changing my life, my body works again, losing inches and weight.  M3 is not a diet program, but a clean safe weight management that works with your body. What I'm really excited about are the results clients, friends and family are having with clean products.
Contact me happy to answer questions, help you decide what will be best for your body, goals and lifestyle.

Kristy's Results 1 - 3 Weeks BioCell Skin

The first picture is day 1 with BioCell Skin, second picture 7 days, third picture 3 Weeks BioCell!

Taking Care of Your Body from the Inside

Modere's Collagen Sciences BioCell liquid collagen products are changing how our skin, joints and body ages. Backed by multiple clinical studies and 7 U.S. and international patents.
  With several products available set up a personal consultation with Kristy to discuss your specific needs and receive $10 off your product order.

**we do not make any medical claims or guarantee results