Last Day (at this location) Sept. 28th

We are a week out from the move to Red Door Dance Company in Southern  Hills Shopping Center!  Friday, September 28th will be our last day here, regular scheduled classes.  New Schedule for October will be posted with location information this weekend!!

Get Excited the Transition is about to Begin!!!  September last month at Southgate Center

You read it right, September is our last month at the Southgate Center,  unless you are ready to business partner or buy the studio!

I had a 5 year plan and wow it is here.  Where does the time go? 
Bar Cardio is my dream and in order to move forward with selling the business model,  I have to slow down physically.
I will continue to teach a few classes (Cardio Tap, Cardio Lite Balance & Full Body Toning) at the Red Door Dance Company, located on East Sunshine in the Southern Hills Shopping Center.

It is crazy how my life as a dance and fitness instructor is coming full circle.  I fell in love with exercise and taught my first aerobics class at Looking Good Health Spa, in the early 80's, then later, I was fortunate enough to be part of the faculty at Matthew Stutsman Zablaskai's Danceworks Studio and now I will be teaching at Shanna Fishel's Red Door Dance Company. 

What do all of these studios have in common?
They have all been located in the exact same space in the Southern Hills Shopping Center!

I am beyond humbled by our clients who have trusted and enjoyed the amazing instructors and classes. 
The studio is what it is today,  because of the clients and the awesome group of ladies who have lead, loved and laughed through all the classes.

Mikayla Mills and Sondra Renee, I would have never got opened and started with out you, thank you!!

My thanks and applause to Kim Goforth, Stephanie Flattem, Robin Hoover, Traci Hendrix, Amy Hamilton, Burnette Emerson, Michele Lucas, Missy Martin, Melody Cutbirth, Lindsey Andrews, Rachel Faulk  and Julia Brunner for your talent and incredible classes. 

Sophie Mills, Rachel Swickard and Sonja Zind for being amazing subs when we needed you and Stephanie Wubbena for introducing us to Buti Yoga while you were getting your studio ready.


I wish I had the words to describe and thank the incredible clients who have come through the door over the last 5 years.  Bar Cardio has a strong connected group of ladies who will be forever friends and family because of the studio.

We look forward to classes here on Republic road through September then it's off to Southern Hills Shopping Center in October. 

There are some new things happening I can't wait to share with you, but I haven't signed on the dotted line yet,  so stay tuned it's gonna be fun!! 

Don't worry I'm not far and always here for you.

Let the transition begin, embracing change and new adventures together!

Check online schedule for class changes

Make sure to check online schedule the next few weeks, several changes in classes with end of the summer travel, training and events.  We appreciate your understanding.  Reminder you must  register 1 hour prior to class.  Any questions please call 417-268-8771 or email  

We are a Functional Fitness Exercise Studio

We are a Functional Fitness Exercise Studio
We love articles that explain what and why we are unique in our classes!
Functional fitness workouts are the key to long-term fitness, weight loss, and wellness.  These carefully designed sessions won't leave you sweaty and breathless, but they can help you to burn more calories and stay active throughout the day. So how do you take advantage of functional training?
Functional workouts help to improve your balance, posture, muscular endurance and flexibility.
Read the full article here

Wednesday evening Class change for June

Wednesday evening Full Body Toning with Stephanie will be at 5:30pm.  Join Stephanie and tone your abs, arms, legs, butt all in one class!

Pound Fitness moving to Tuesday's 5:30pm

Schedule change!!!  Pound Fitness will be on Tuesday's at 5:30, BABS will move to the Monday 5:30pm time slot.  See you in the studio!

Weather and Registration Reminder

Please check Home page of website for any cancellations due to weather.
Reminder you need to be registered for class one hour prior to class starting, register online, call or text 417-268-8771
Thank you!

Yes BioCell and M3 are Phenomenal Products for MEN!

We have had several inquireries asking about BioCell and M3 for men. Yes the products are for everyone, Kristy is happy to meet with you and discuss your personal needs.  Personal training is available for men, but sorry guys the classes are women only!

Receive $10 off your product order 

Ask why then how20161209 8370 13mrue8 x400%3e
Free personal consultation with Kristy ($90 value)  includes discussing weight management, nutrition, exercise program. Receive $10  off your order of clean safe weight loss and skin enhancing products.
Email  or call 417-268-8771 for appointment.   Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Valid 8/27 - 9/25/18

Welcome to Bar Cardio

Who are we?  Women of all ages, sizes, ability levels supporting one another!
Welcome to Bar Cardio

More in depth description of Bar Cardio

Ladies Body Burn starts April 1st!  Let's do this together!
More in depth description of Bar Cardio

Clean Weight Loss Products Available

We have never offered weight loss products at Bar Cardio until now!  After long exhausting research, personally trying the products, we are very happy and proud to have M3 and BioCell available for our clients.  Clean, natural, healthy products for our bodies!  We do not keep an inventory, everyone is different, we custom design the system for your body and goals. Call 417-268-8771 or email for your personal consultation and receive $10 off your order.

We've Got What You Need

And we're very excited to share it with you
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New Client Special

2 weeks unlimited classes $30.  Join us in the studio today!

Pinot & Flow

Pinot & Flow
Pinot & Flow Feb 28th, 2016
Everyone had an incredible yoga class and fun socializing afterwards!

We love hearing from our clients!

The first time I went to Bar Cardio tap class I was pretty nervous, never having danced before. Kristy was such a fun instructor! She was so knowledgeable, positive and upbeat.  She made me feel like I could really learn. Now if I have to miss a class I'm disappointed. Kristy keeps the class fresh with music and new steps and though I'm exercising I don't notice because I'm having fun. Bar Cardio is my happy place!

Thanks for all you do!

Donna Martin

Ozarks Live & Pound Fitness

Watch Kim Essick take Tom Trtan and Joy Roberts through a Pound Fitness workout on Ozarks Live
Ozarks Live & Pound Fitness

MSN and Today Show top 5 Exercise Classes

MSN and Today show chose the top 5 exercise classes for 2015 and we have them all!!!
Pound Fitness, BUTI Yoga, PiYo, HIIT Yoga and Body Strength Training, which is our Butt & Gut.

Ozarks Live & Full Body Toning Demo

Always fun with Tom & Joy, watch them experience some of our moves!
Ozarks Live & Full Body Toning Demo

Ozarks Live & Exercise Tips for Traveling

Sharing great exercise tips for traveling during the holidays with Tom & Joy!
Ozarks Live & Exercise Tips for Traveling

I want to thank you and Sondra for such a wonderful demonstration of Zumba Gold, Cardio Lite and Balance. We had a group of 8 senior community members at the Creekside Crossings at Creekside at Elfindale, who thought the Zumba Gold was fantastic. We have couples in their 80’s and 90’s who joined in once they saw how it was done. They began to follow Sondra without having any problems and held onto a chair in front of them, and hardly missed a beat. Everyone talked about how much they enjoyed all of the different varieties including the Zumba Gold, everyone liked the salsa beat and the Cardio Lite music was so good, and the balance portion helped every one of us.

Sondra’s demonstration gave everyone something to talk about and their eyes lit up with excitement because they felt exhilarated and enthusiastic. I heard many of them say, they didn’t feel like they were exercising but instead they were enjoying themselves while getting a great workout.

We would recommend Bar Cardio and the wonderful classes you offer for seniors to anyone.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this fantastic exercise program.

Terry Kollmeyer
Creekside at Elfindale
Springfield MO

— Terry Kollmeyer

Benefits from Exercise:

• Improve balance and flexibility
- Prevent falls
- Ward off muscle loss
- Slow down the effects of osteoporosis
• Build upper body strength for daily activities
• Slow down the effects of aging
• Enhance memory, concentration, and cognitive abilities

Socializing also plays a major role in living a longer, healthier, happy life. Bar Cardio encourages everyone to laugh, sing along to the music, and enjoy your class, they are designed to be fun and physically rewarding. After class continue socializing with your friends as you cool down at our quaint bar where you can enjoy your choice of water to wine. We are “Fitness with a Twist”!
Long-term and recent physical problems left me demoralized, afraid to move and lacking even an ounce of self-confidence.
My brilliant daughter-in-law told me about Kristy and Bar Cardio. I checked the website and saw Kristy's TV interview and decided to take a chance.
Caring instructors, one-on-one attention, and some snappy music have increased my self-confidence, my lung capacity and my muscle-to-fat ratio. When I'm movin' and groovin' I feel like a Broadway star. I can't believe I ever hesitated to join the fun. Come on in. Discover your inner Star!
— Jan Fitzgerald

Better Body with Tom Trtan KOLR KOZL on KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News!

Socializing also plays a major role in living a longer, healthier, happy life. Bar Cardio encourages everyone to laugh, sing along to the music, and enjoy your class, they are designed to be fun and physically rewarding. After class continue socializing with your friends as you cool down at our quaint bar where you can enjoy your choice of water to wine. We are "Fitness with a Twist"!
Better Body with Tom Trtan KOLR KOZL on KOLR10 & Ozarks Local News!
Please call the studio during inclement weather for possible class changes. 417-268-8771

Classes are limited in size, call or register online to reserve your place in class.